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TitleClosing Date
Trade Marketing Manager (Coastal Region)Closed
Maintenance Manager - Lucern PackClosed
Production Manager (Citrus and Stone Fruit)Closed
Quality Control & Compliance AsstClosed
Pack House ManagerClosed
Human Resources Officer - TulpakClosed
Delivery DriverClosed
Wynmaker - De Krans WinesClosed
Administratiewe Assistent (Verkope/Aankope)Closed
Wynmaker - De Krans WinesClosed
Logistics Administrative AssistantClosed
Packaging Technologist and CoordinatorClosed
Human Resource Practitioner - M3Closed
Developer - VinimarkClosed
Production Manager - Boplaas 1743Closed
Electrician / Millwright-Tokara Wine & Olive FarmClosed
Marketing and Sales Representative (Agriculture)Closed
Environmental Manager - Welgedacht Home Owners AssClosed
Inbound Tourism Business Partner-Kontrei TravellerClosed
Ontvangsdame - PSG WealthClosed
Liasseer Klerk - Nexus AGClosed
Packhouse Manager (Citrus & Stone Fruit)Closed
Ontvangs en Tegniese Assistent - Nexus AG (Paarl)Closed
Developer - VinimarkClosed
Buyer - Isipani ConstructionClosed
Recruitment Specialist/Psychometrist Closed
Manager - Gaikou Lodge SwellendamClosed
Floor Manager - VilkoClosed
Warehouse Manager - VilkoClosed
Admin Clerk (Store) - VilkoClosed
Sales RepresentativeClosed
Debiteure en Krediteure Asst (3 maande tydelik)Closed
Finansiële Assistent - Nexus AGClosed
Liasseer Klerk - Nexus AGClosed
Finansiële Bestuurder - Botha KelderClosed
Bemarking- en Verkoopskonsultant: WynbedryfClosed
Senior Estimator - Isipani ConstructionClosed
Bookkeeper - Rhebokskloof Wine EstateClosed
Plaagbeheeroperateur (Grondberoking) - Nexus AGClosed
Marketing/Sales CoordinatorClosed
Technical Sales Representative - ElsumoClosed
Technical Sales Export Manager - ElsumoClosed
Sales Support Assistant - ElsumoClosed
Recruitment Specialist/Psychometrist - M3 Closed
Administratiewe Pos - Rooiberg WynkelderClosed
Mediese OntvangsdameClosed
Leerder-Landbougewas Adviseur - Nexus AGClosed
Payroll Clerk - Isipani ConstructionClosed
Digital Marketing CoordinatorClosed