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Job Details

Potential vacancies: Candidates with disabilities

Closing Date : 2021-06-30
Closed : No
Calling on all candidates with disabilities who are actively searching for employment!

In accordance and with the commitment to the purpose of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998, M3 Human Capital Management aims to ensure equal access and provide appropriate accommodations and assistance for people with disabilities to potentially work for our clients.

M3 Human Capital Management has many strategic partnerships with clients across various industries based in the Western Cape, who are searching to provide employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. We assist many businesses with Employment Equity alignment and implementation, and hence opportunities are identified. We will work closely with these companies to recruit candidates with disabilities and would like to create a database for disabled individuals who want to work and can be accommodated within a working environment.

All applicants with disabilities, regardless of age, nature of disability or any other form diversity, are encouraged to apply and become part of our database in order to share their applications with our respective clients.

Please apply online at before 09:00 on 30 June 2021 with your CV, educational/experiential background and clearly indicate your residential area.

Please use the “Qualification Summary” comment block as follows:
1. Type of disability
2. Type of work-based assistance needed depending on your level of disability (“None” if no arrangement for assistance would be needed)
3. Short summary of your career – please list the summary of skills/knowledge.
4. Any other related information that our clients might find useful to know at this stage of the recruitment process.

By recruiting people with disabilities, M3 Human Capital Management recognizes that talent has no boundaries, that workforce diversity includes people of all kinds of abilities, and that those with disabilities are experienced problem-solvers with a proven ability to adapt.

Without creating the expectation of a job placement, we aim to contact shortlisted candidates as soon as relevant job opportunities arise.