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TitleClosing Date
Industrial Psychologist - M3 Closed
Logistieke/Stoorbestuurder - Marble HallClosed
National Sales Manager: Wine and Related ProductsClosed
Chief Sales Officer - Mezzanine WareClosed
Senior Tractor Driver - Rhebokskloof Wine EstateClosed
Assistent Wynmaker - uniWinesClosed
Winemaker - Allee BleueClosed
HR Manager - Delaire GraffClosed
Assistent Wynmaker - Aan de DoornsClosed
HR Manager - Mezzanine WareClosed
Rekenmeester (Paarl) - Nexus AGClosed
Chief Sales Officer - Mezzanine WareClosed
Financial Manager - Hamilton Russell VineyardsClosed
Financial Manager - Hamilton Russell VineyardsClosed
Algemene Bestuurder/HandelaarshoofClosed
Debtors Clerk - Rautenbach TransportClosed
Bemarkingsbestuurder - Nuy WynkelderClosed
Voorraad & Logistieke Koƶrdineerder - RhebokskloofClosed
Assistent Wynmaker - Stellenzicht WinesClosed
Tasting Room Assistant - Haute CabriereClosed
Ontvang/PA en Finansiƫle Assistent - Nexus AGClosed
Horticultural Manager - Rupert & RothschildClosed
Sales and Marketing Manager - Rupert & RothschildClosed
Voorraad Kontroleur (Vrugte) (Tydelik)Closed
Vertical Sales Specialist - Mezzanine WareClosed
Accountant - Laffort SAClosed
Vertical Sales Specialist - Mezzanine WareClosed
Product Manager - Mezzanine WareClosed
Sales Executive - Zandvliet WinesClosed
Payroll Clerk (1 year contract) - Rupert FamilyClosed
Maintenance Manager (Bottling Plant) - Man WinesClosed
Int Sales and Marketing Manager - Barnardt BoyesClosed
Rekenmeester - Lourensford WynlandgoedClosed
General Manager: Agri DivisionClosed
Junior Production ManagerClosed
Manager Information Technology AfricaClosed
Algemene Bestuurder (Motorbedryf)Closed
Kelder Administrateur/ Proelokaal BeampteClosed
Administratiewe Beampte Closed
Administratiewe BeampteClosed
Bemarkingsassistent (Paarl) - Nexus AGClosed
Training AdministratorClosed
Proelokaalbestuurder - De Wet WynkelderClosed
Proelokaalbestuurder - Merwida WynkelderClosed
Debtors/Creditors ClerkClosed
International Sales Manager - Simonsig Closed
Chef - Namaqua WinesClosed
Sales Representative - Tonnellerie SylvianClosed
Assistent-Wynmaker - McGregor WinesClosed